Something Different

I needed something different. I took offline. Though I have an ambition to take that in a very different direction.

Thought I’d start a blog. Never had one before. I’m kinda tired of being at multiple parties at the same time – Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, Path, Foursquare etc – too ubiquitous for my Cancerian personality. I still love Twitter though.

Not sure what this blog would manifest into. But if you are here, I’d share work, rants, food pictures of everything swine, zombie apocalypse predictions, my top ten lists and maybe my shopping list.

Hello world, I’m home…

SingTel – Ang Bao Love

This year, the 15th day of Chinese New Year (the Chinese equivalent of Valentine’s Day) happens to fall on 14 February. Watch what a little boy gets up to when he finds out about this lovely coincidence.

Director: Bertrand Lee
Production: Shooting Gallery

The World Brain

I caught the documentary “Google and the World Brain” recently at the Design Film Festival. It’s a story of Google’s most ambitious project ever: the master plan to scan every book in the world and the people who tried to stop them. Seems like H.G. Wells’ 1938 “World Brain” prophecy is coming true. And that’s a scary thought.